Importance of Individuality

I feel I have been in mental traction and am now just out of bed. I can move, but am very stiff and atrophied. Still need (mental) therapy, stretching, moving, resting. I am a DIYer with this. Perhaps this can be the introduction to my Book of I.

I do believe in synergy, but that doesn’t work unless the components are unique and independent. A collective simply works together, and the sum of the parts is just that.

Synergy is when a group of individuals work together toward a goal, the sum of the parts is somehow more. I believe that, I just need a simple example.

Perhaps – gears! A gear box of all the same size gears adds nothing, in fact, there is loss to friction, so the output is diminished. But a group of different size gears assembled and working together can increase in speed or power.

A school of fish moving in unison appears to be a large, menacing creature. Every physical thing is made up of smaller parts, down to the atomic level. If you knew how to assemble from the atomic level, you could build anything. As Richard Feynman said, there is plenty of room at the bottom. Nano Technology is working at the atomic level, building things one atom at a time. This is an exciting future, and promises to change everything. Even this is a stop gap step.

Once you’ve reached the atomic level, the physical laws change if you go lower still. If you know how atoms are built, you get below the periodic table of elements, and you can build elements as needed. Once you are in this Quantum level, you are at that boundary between energy and mass. If you understand physics at this level, you can build a Replicator or Transporter as portrayed in Star Trek.

These are the types of things I really like to contemplate. But I am distracted by life. I am responsible for where I am. I am independent. Yet, something is just not right. Do I somehow believe I am being punished? Is that what is going on in the deep recesses of my subconsciousness? It could very well be the issue. My deep-seated memes of a vengeful God need to be looked at and discharged. This possibility is brought up by the book, Worthy, by Nancy Levin which I have finished reading recently.

I must get over this soon. My mental/spiritual balance isn’t. My soul had been crushed and that is where the recovery must take place. I am reduced to me, the individual. I have reached the point where I know there is nobody to help me. It is just me. No family or friends to give me a hand up. I am alone, and that is okay. It is just me and the omniverse…

Law of attraction

Scarred for life? Nah… I just need to work out the kinks. Get the spiritual lactic acid out of the soul’s muscular system. It hurts to move… but each movement is working out the pain. It is a hard thing to do… but if it were easy, everyone would do it. Atrophy is the enemy of life. WORK IT!

Life is CHANGE! Change is GOOD.

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