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Centered Self

“Center yourself” is a call to take stock of where you are. But, knowing what we know about the four aspects, that center is The Source. Finding your center is connecting with The Source. The Source is infinity within. Balance

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Why is it that I am so closed?

I would love to be open and transparent. But, I have a block. Somewhere I picked up the “you first” attitude. Do I over react to complaints about me? Perhaps. Boy, my Personal Akashic Record must be a wild ride

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In today’s polarized society

What can be done to energize the polarized? Or, is it the polarization that provides the potential for energy? In electronic circuits, if you have -12v and +12v power sources, the potential between them is 24v. The potential between either

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Accidental Shooting

What are “trigger words”? These are words which trigger emotions / thoughts / automatic actions, etc. A good copywriter knows many trigger words and uses them in copy to invoke action. That is what the title of today’s post was

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Desire, needs, wants, and all that

How do we deal with things like this as an independent individual when the desire is for another person? Synergy happens when the desire is mutual. When two become one, they are greater than the sum-total. The signals of the

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