In today’s polarized society

In today’s polarized society

What can be done to energize the polarized?

Or, is it the polarization that provides the potential for energy? In electronic circuits, if you have -12v and +12v power sources, the potential between them is 24v. The potential between either one and 0v is 12v.

Also, if you have a bunch of negative people, they contrast the positive people. The difference between the two groups is greater than the difference between either group and neutral people. The greater the difference, the greater the potential.

So, it behooves the Powers That Be (PTB) to keep the polarization as great as possible.

Is society a huge capacitor which is charging to the point of discharge? When it does discharge, what does that mean? What is the circuit our society makes?

Who profits from the workings? (Follow the money, eh?)

Now, if I remember my electronic theory at all, in order for a circuit to be controlled, resistance must be applied.

#resist is control of the PTB.

Well, I should look that all up. It has been a while. I think the electronic analogy of society might be a fruitful venture. (Maybe a retelling of TRON)

Hey, it could be a thing!

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