Desire, needs, wants, and all that

Desire, needs, wants, and all that

How do we deal with things like this as an independent individual when the desire is for another person? Synergy happens when the desire is mutual. When two become one, they are greater than the sum-total. The signals of the two are amplified. When one is not mutually desirous, the sum-total is diminished as the two cancel each other’s signal out. (Although one may feel greater in juxtaposition to the other, since the difference between the two is relative.)

If we think of each individual as a separate CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is connected “online” with every other individual via a wireless network. (Everybody emits and is surrounded by a field of energy. It is measurable.) This means others may “hack” into your energy. Of course, if you know it is happening, you can fight it. But, if you are loaded up with malware and virus’ already, you will be slow in realizing it. Powers that Be can utilize your power for their own needs. You need to take back control of your source field! A cleansing program must be run… something which will not diminish your abilities. Introspection!

Avast matey!

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