Antarctic Anomaly

There was an announcement about a large gravity anomaly under the ice at the south pole. The official explanation is that it is a meteor remnant that struck the earth and caused the big die off long ago. It is over 2000 feet below the ice, and they “can’t get to it” to be sure. It is what David Wilcock told us about. His explanation is a bit more clandestine. It is a large alien mothership which crash landed on that continent tens of thousands of years ago. These were the origin of mankind. The progenitors. The Fallen Ones. It is a curious thing to have this story show up months after David Wilcock announced it. It adds credence to his claim of a vast cover-up. A miss direction of the PTB (powers that be). (PTW (powers that were) according to David)

We sure do live in interesting times. It is curious how the Trump administration is doing so well, despite the investigation into the Russian Collusion scandal. Something big is going down. It brought to mind the paranoia Phillip K. Dick had toward the Nixon administration. It makes me think of the Bible passage which says, “if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived”. It is as if there are always people who are aware of the sinister goings on in the world leadership. It is also as if there has been the same leadership in control all along, no matter which party has control. The PTB are hidden and use the two-party system to assuage the masses.

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