Individuation may be the key

Individuation may be the key

Carl Jung is well known, and his ideas are already in the collective unconscious. There are many memes I can draw upon.

Becoming more of an Individual by Individuation through Introspection. Awesome I-words. Perhaps a lesson on the prefix IN is required. Words like inside, invisible and insane come to mind. Dare I enter new ideas like levels of consciousness? Conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and zero point? Yes, there are four levels listed. I think insisting on groups of four is a good idea. Ideation is another good I-word.

Time to get all of this into one place. Time to dust off my Book of I outline. Understanding the Id.

I am so introspective and insulated from others. Perhaps this is a danger notice for people who read my book. Narcissism is a possible side effect if done incorrectly. An undesired outcome. Individuation is very personal, yet interaction with others is imperative for balance. How can we focus inward and still see out? How can STO (Service to Others) be accomplished otherwise? STS (Service to Self) may seem the natural outcome of introspection, yet our collective introspection may be the true goal. Mankind must cooperate into a super-person. The Body of Christ of a sort. Higher and higher complexity of a hive-mind.

Plays well with others.

This was a positive note on report cards of the past. Social interaction is a step closer to the higher complexity of building a body (collective cooperation) of like-minded. Smaller collectives may cooperate into even greater complexity. Individuation of mankind as a whole, bringing the collective unconscious into the conscious. Many threads twisted into a strong rope. Differing body parts joining together to become like God.

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