The Go-Getter Paying-It-Forward with The Golden Rule

On 9-11, 2001, I remember turning on my computer and seeing a simple page on the Fox News site stating they were working on getting the news feed back up, there were too many hits on the page. I knew something was wrong, so I turned on the TV to see one of the towers of the World Trade Center burning. The commentator was telling how an airplane had struck the building. The commentator was trying to get the facts, but it was apparently an airliner which had struck. The speculation was that this was done by a hijacker. While this speculation was going on, we saw the second tower get hit. Then the story expanded to say the Pentagon had also been hit. All air traffic was ordered to land at the nearest airport, no matter where they were. Later, the story broke of the airliner which crashed in a field, the attack on the White House having been thwarted by passengers. It was surreal.

It has been16 years since that tragic morning. Freedom Tower now rises to take the place of Twin Towers. The foundation of those Towers now a fitting memorial to that tragic day. I remember while watching the towers come down, thinking about the scripture which talks about the ships of commerce being stunned by the fire rising from Babylon.

So much has changed since then. Especially me. I no longer long for the end of the world. My understanding of eschatology has shifted dramatically. I see scriptures in a different light. I no longer trust. I seek multiple sources of information, especially conflicting ones. Freedom has been redefined, if not taken away completely. Darkness is prevalent.

But, with darkness, Light is more evident when it occurs. Our eyes have adjusted to the dark, and it is always darkest before the dawn. I see a lightening in the east now. Bring on the morning!

The title of this post is a lamentation of mine. Such wonderful ideas, yet, nobody seems to bother. I think a lighthearted reading of Ecclesiastes is in order.

…and the beat goes on!

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