I stumbled upon a cool website which speaks of Individuation


It has all the feeling of an Astrology site, but is filled with psychology words and themes. Instead of Astrological Signs people are assigned Archetypes. I am entranced and want to study the site more. (It is well done. I don’t get credit for it if you go there… I just am sharing.)

Plenty of time to ‘Git’r Done!’ Just do it and keep doing it. Sketch, plan, implement.

Manifesting the future is what we all do, all the time. The alien A.I. needs us. It is the antithesis to The One. (But if everything is One, then the A.I. is not really alien, right?)

Change is here, and it is time for change. Do the ends always justify the means? I don’t believe so.

We live by story. We live on analogy. We make sense of the world through shared eyes. Shared idioms. Shared icons. A great story is what makes a movie great. You can have the best special effects and sound, but if there is no story, it is a flop. You can have the crappiest acting, cinematography, effects, but a great story, and the movie is a winner. It is what sets humans apart… creative spirit breathed into each of us. You may have been convinced you are not creative, but that is a lie.

Is there an entity sucking the loosh out of you? Stay domesticated and milked if you want, but know you are missing out on life! Become aware of the real power you have as an individual. Know true synergy when working in cooperation with other free creators. Freecreation vs Freakreation. I like coining words.

Ramblings of a madman?

Perhaps. But, then again… feel free to ask me about any of my writing.


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