The Heresyman persona is about finished

I am losing interested in putting my views out in public. My attempts at letting people know who I am have run their course. I have begun to believe there really is no one who wants to know me. Sure, there are plenty of people who want to use me. I am done being a doormat. I want to be a doorway. My daily writing will continue. SOC writing is the best way I’ve found to organize my thoughts. Basically, it is like I do when I clean out the garage. I pull everything out, then put it back. While I put it back, I take note of what is there. Sometimes I try to arrange things in groups and classifications. But, the problem is, there is simply too much stuff. I really cannot find things in the garage because once I stack it all back, it makes most of it unreachable. I need to give spring cleaning a good run this time, both literally and metaphorically.

Freedom of the press is necessary for true freedom. Censorship is control. Control vs Chaos is the duality the PTB want to emphasize. They want us to believe it is one or the other.

In the beginning the Holy Spirit brooded over the waters. Was this the absolute beginning? Or was it a New Beginning? (Ah, Mind The Gap!) There is a theory that between the first sentence and the second sentence in Genesis, there is an indeterminate amount of time which passed. There was the first creation which failed and had to be reset, then came creation of our universe. This is how some biblical scholars explain dinosaurs with apparent deaths millions of years ago in a creation that is only thousands of years old. This way they can have their science and religion too!

I remember when I first heard a definition of religion as something that gives man sustenance and reason to live. Some are religious about chemicals. (Just sayin’.) I remember Mike Warnke saying that if you spend all the times doing the do’s of the bible, you won’t have any time to do the don’ts. Made sense to me at the time.

Keith Green put one song about the devil on every album. He was real (Keith, I mean). The devil sprinkles truth in every lie to make it believable. Larry Norman sang about making his blue shoes white and being able to dance again. Barry McGuire said that Bullfrogs and Butterflies have both been born again. Daniel Amos said at the end of the road there ain’t no pot of gold, there’s just the Santa Monica pier. Steve Taylor told me how the crowd gasped at the end of the race as he fell… into the arms of the savior.

I have a lot of songs rumbling around in my brain. Some may think I’m losing it… perhaps. No matter, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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