Time for everything

Better late than never. I am not sure about that, is it better to stop an assassin after he’s pulled the trigger? Well, perhaps you can prevent a future assassination. But, that platitude is used by slackers and procrastinators. Now is the appointed time! Now is all you ever have. If you have missed the deadline, do it now. Complete is always better than perfect. Complete it, if you have time, revise it. Just DO it!

Morning Pages are meant to be done pen to paper. The kinesthetic action enhances the connection. I think typing is the next best thing, if not the same. I wonder if dictating thoughts would be just as good because you have the verbal feedback while doing so. When you write, or type, you have tactile and visual feedback. When you dictate, you have voice and audio feedback. When two or more are gathered…

Live to your full potential. Don’t hold back. Don’t be lazy. Do enjoy yourself. Let what you do BE the reward. If you expect reward from others, you will be disappointed. Don’t be dissed.

Is it mankind’s purpose or destiny to live in discord with nature? We always must change our environment to be under our control. Living in harmony with nature is just not our nature, as some would believe. We are commanded to subdue the earth in the bible. We are commanded to go forth and multiply.

That means beyond the earth, right?

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