Ascension draweth neigh

Ascension draweth neigh

Everything is happening according to planchaotically.

I normally wake between 5:00a and 5:30a. Occasionally I will sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday. Not often, but it does happen.

It is always harder to flow of conscious write if I stay in bed longer than normal. Once every now and then I wake as late as 7:00a, which leaves me with many distractions. There is something that clicks into high gear as soon as I realize how late it is. My mind is aware that I am missing one or two hours. It is not a panic or anything, just an awareness.

I will still sit down to write something, but, because it doesn’t flow, I will keep it very short… and leave the file open to add to later in the day. In the few times this has happened to me, I have only added to the file once. (Stream of Conscious seems to shut down at 7:00a for me, and I usually just write that I woke late and can’t think of what to write.)

It is like the unconscious is eclipsed by the conscious. (Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart)

I was given a pair of Eclipse glasses to wear next Monday for the partial we will see here in the Los Angeles area. I tried them out, looking at the Sun yesterday. I could see some sunspots… reminded me of a Police song. (Alanis Morrissette covered it too.) This will be the first time I will look directly at the eclipse. The last time I built a pinhole projector out of an oatmeal container and showed my workmates a way to see the eclipse safely with it. Sometimes being a nerd comes in handy.

If astrological events affect humankind, this one appropriate and timely. I heard three different times yesterday that Donald Trump will resign soon. (Not so sure I believe he would resign.) Also, I saw someone had posted a prayer on Facebook that said, “Oh lord, if you want us to impeach the president, please give us a sign in the heavens… blot out the sun… anytime next week will be fine”. Tongue in cheek for sure, but poignant.

Y2K all over again? Strange days indeed.

Are you going to take a look at the eclipse? It is a chance of a lifetime for those of you in the totality zone! If so, make sure you do so safely.

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