Breaking Fast

Breaking Fast

14 days of fasting makes one two week.

The most important part of a full water fast is to listen to your body. During the first three days of the fast, the body does put up a fuss, making hunger pains, but then it settles down. Then, you no longer suffer from the hunger pains, because the entire digestive system begins to shut down and the body goes into ketosis. Then your body starts to consume the fat stores, quite happily.

When you near the end of a fast, your body will start making a fuss again, and the hunger pains start up again. At this point, the body has used up most, if not all of the fat deposits and will be forced to start consuming other parts of the body, especially the muscle.
If you remember the story in the Bible about Jesus and his forty days of fasting in the desert, being tempted by the devil, at the end of it, the Bible said Jesus was hungry. This is not just an understatement, it was saying Jesus was near death from fasting.

One other thing, when you decide to break the fast, you must take it slow. Seriously, you can’t run to In-N-Out and grab a Double-Double and Fries. (Although that DOES sound good right now.) As I have decided to end my fast, today I began with juice, watered down. I will do so for a few more days, then introduce some bone broth and some protein shakes. The first solid food will happen by Friday (day 21).

So, here I am, breaking my fast. Two weeks was long enough to reset my body as I intended. I am happy I have done it.

One tidbit not everyone knows, we have breakfast in the morning, because we’ve slept and went eight hours or more without eating, so we ‘Break Fast’ every day.

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