Remembering 9/11/2001 today makes me think of the many conspiracies I’ve heard.

The idea that the U.S. Government knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor before it happened, and allowed it to happen in order to get John Q. Public to back the war simply to fill the coffers of the elite. It is long enough ago to where we can start saying hmmmmm.

The same is said as well of the destruction of the Twin Towers and other buildings of the world trade center 16 years ago. Not only are there claims that the government knew about the attacks ahead of time, there are also accusations that our government orchestrated the attacks. All done to start another war to rape the planet and increase the coffers of the elite.

To make things more sinister, there is a belief that weather disasters are being orchestrated by the government also. Seriously, not just HAARP-ing. This is not just me reading my science fiction books. These operations are conducted to instill fear and control over us. Or a distraction at the very least.

False Flags is the moniker given to these types of operations. The name comes from the pirates of old flying flags of benign countries in order to get close to the ships they intend to board and pillage. Once they were close enough to attack, they would drop the false flag and raise the Jolly Roger. The difference now, of course, it the flags are never changed. The rape and pillage occurs all while assuring the attacked it is for their own good.

Seeing Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes last night is likely the reason this is my topic today. I’m still not sure what he is all about, but it did get me thinking of all of the conspiracy theories I have read. It is seriously incredible the ideas that are out there. I only mention a few.

The idea of a shadow government running everything from clandestine ivory towers is nothing new. Control of the media is a strong meme these days, and it is confusing to try to figure out. Fake news and all. The History Channel has some great stuff from the fringe these days.

Control of the planet is believed by some to be held by malevolent reptilian aliens. These beings thrive on “loosh”, a pheromone or something like that which humans give off when experiencing fear. Oh, they also eat humans. They control our thoughts and feast on our fear. It is a very dark and depressing story line to trip down. I am fascinated by things like this which are wholeheartedly believed by people.

So, what makes people believe things like this?

The collective unconscious and conscious are key. Having all that data rolling around just out of reach may be a cause of people resonating with the stories. Just enough chatter to back up whoever is talking the loudest.

Trying to navigate the information explosion requires a spiritual GPS of some sort.

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