Dataism is the latest form of religion

Dataism is the latest form of religion

Following Theism and Humanism.

Religion is putting faith in an outside source, something else. Something or someone to take care of problems for you.

Theism can be said to belief that God will take care of our problems. That sufficed for a few thousand years.

Spirituality and science was huge in the late 1800’s. Science was replacing religion in the form of humanism. Early twentieth century saw Science and Humanism Usurping Theism.

I am sure that is why there is such animosity between Science and Religion today. Both require a lot of faith, although the two are quite different. There are just as many blindly following “Science” as those blindly following “God”. Yes, there are some on either side who are adept and knowledgeable, but I am talking of the masses and their opiates.

Perhaps stemming from Humanism and Science is the new Dataism. Now that we have sophisticated data collection and storage coupled with computing power to run statistical analysis, we can “prove” everything. We are really at a point where we can know right from wrong. Dataism is the belief in big data solving all our problems. I heard this term from a guy who is an expert on cryptocurrency, James Altucher.

In Data we trust should be printed on Bitcoin.

Trust God vs. Trust Science vs. Trust Data


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