Defrag Dreams

Defrag Dreams

Everyone dreams. Some people never remember their dreams, so they assume they don’t dream… not so.

Some people remember their dreams in vivid detail. Others only remember fragments which are quickly lost. You may not believe you dream, but you do. It is a periodic routine your brain goes through to rebuild and grow. Your brain is the CPU and hardware interface to your subconscious. Dreamtime is the time when short term memory is moved to long term memory. It is as if your brain is going through defragmentation. Clearing away the dross of the day and making ready for the next day.

Carl Yung believed the dream state is a connection to the universal unconscious. All minds are connected at an unconscious level. If so, then we are all sharing memories and experiences. If this is so, I imagine the reason it is done at an unconscious level is because it is too much information.

Daydreaming is a similar state. Walter Mitty is a fictional character famous for his daydreaming. (I miss Danny Kaye.)

I had a dream one night where I was at a game show with a friend. I was selected as a contestant. While in a seemingly long line of contestants, I saw my ex-wife was also a contestant. The friend who brought me to the game show turned out the be the last contestant selected, and she was very excited. It was a trivial information type gameshow, and I was hoping I was up to date on current trends. A song was playing, it was one of those songs introducing a dance. I was picturing the dance in my mind and asked a contestant next to me if she recognized the song. At the same time, the song verse, the girl next to me, and I all said the name of the dance: The Spider Monkey. I then noticed my friend had be separated out and put onto a tram. I was asked to get on the tram too… and I suspect that it was to take the finalist to the game floor.

Then I woke.

What the frag?



(Note: I am out of town right now… be back August 8. Meanwhile, have you read this? )

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