In the beginning was The Word. (The One) The Word became Flesh. (Photon) And dwelt among us. (Perception)

ZeroD space is a point. The point has no mass, no size, it is only location. It is nothing. From this nothing comes everything. Ex nihilo.

First dimension

The smallest unit of 1D space is a line between two points. This is the first manifestation of The One. The begetting.

Second dimension

The smallest representation of 2D space is a Triangle. The triangle is three points joined by three edges. There is stability in the triangle. This trinity is the second manifestation of The One.

Third dimension

Tetrahedron is the smallest unit of 3D space. It is four triangles joined at four corners and six edges. This is the third manifestation of The One. Tetrahedron is the basic building block and is the first Platonic Solid. Built with locations joined by straight lines.

Fourth dimension

Now to throw a curve at this. A curve is infinite points joined together, constantly changing direction. I propose this curve is the fourth dimension we know as time. This curve is combined with the other dimensions to become Space-Time. Everything perceived is done so through Space-Time. Time is a curious dimension. Some would say it is not a dimension at all, but something outside of space.

The shape of the Photon is tetrahedral in shape. The photon in Space-Time is the basic building block of what we call reality.

Other dimensions

Incredibly, there are other dimensions, but we cannot perceive them except by inference.

Perception in 4D space

A curious observation about a tetrahedron and perception in Space-Time is that one cannot view the entire object with our stereoscopic vision. At most we can see three sides, but these sides are distorted. Time is required to view the complete Tetrahedron because it must be rotated, and a series of perceptions are strung together to build a complete perception. Time is required for complete perception.

I used to think time was an anomaly. But I now believe it is a tool for perception. The reason time appears to be a half dimension is increased perception works toward completion. A continuous creation is what Time-Space is.

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