DW&CG Worldview

I am fascinated by the exploits of David Wilcock and Corey Goode. I have been watching this dynamic duo for a couple of years now. Their stories are mind blowing.

In a nutshell:

There are many levels of Secret Space Programs. Flying Aircraft Carriers as shown in Avengers Movies are real. They are cloaked while traveling in our atmosphere. There are bases on many of the objects in our solar system. In fact, the back side of the moon is said to be lit up like Manhattan. The moon is divided up into areas like Antarctica is, with representatives from many alien civilizations. Mars also has colonies, some established by Nazis near the end of WWII. Iron Sky? Humans are already exploring the galaxy as portrayed in Star Trek.

There is a Cabal (or several) running the planet earth. These elites believe they are descended from ancient aliens. They are apparently reptilian, or controlled by reptilians. These controllers keep the general population ignorant purposely.

One of the programs which provide people to man the different Secret Space Programs is called 20 and back. In this program, a person signs up for a twenty-year hitch. When the enlistment is over, they have their mind erased, body physically regressed back to the age they started, then they are transported back in time to when they first enlisted to live out their normal life. In payment for their service, their “normal life” is supposed to be well paid. (Of course, since they have had their mind wiped clean, there is no way for keeping the organization accountable.)

Recently there has been a war against the Cabal. It is said that the Cabal is losing this war, and soon all of this will be exposed. Disclosure of this type of information will be a shock to say the least. There are many of the Powers-That-Be (PTB) who believe the disclosure should be partial and long term to lessen the shock.

Religion is at risk since most, if not all, have been controlled by the Cabal. Religion is the opiate of the masses. The media is also under Cabal control for the same reason.

Strange days ahead?

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