Electronical Society

Homogenizing society is equalizing the playing field. As such, production is consistent yet slow growing. The unfairness in class results in higher, faster growth. (Is this actual, or apparent?) Economics appears to improve when there is a gap between the haves and the have nots. It is a difference in potential. The middle class is the zero point with the lower class in the negative. When the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, the difference in potential gets bigger. There is a breaking point in this potential, and the capacitance reaches critical. This discharge is revolution.

The eight years of the Obama administration were homogenizing. The first year of the Trump administration is undoing that and increasing the potential. Society is a capacitor, and resistance will control the release of that potential. The two-party system was an attempt to regulate the frequency of charge and discharge. The tank circuit of society. Government is the inductance, and as such, the waste of energy. Control government, control waste. Capture that waste in the form of heat. (I am not sure the inductance analogy is quite right. I was thinking of inductance as a coil, yet in the form of a heater. A heating coil is a waste of energy, but an inductance coil is a receiver of energy. Transformation.)

Retail is inductance. It is pulling out energy from the system. If the induction is greater than the input, a circuit breaker will pop, if it is rated correctly. If not, something gets burnt and the circuit is dead. Work is stopped. The smaller microcircuits get, the less energy required to perform the work. Also, the more sensitive the circuit is to static. The microcircuits must be hardened against static discharge.

Physics as analogy for economics may be a useful venture. Nanotechnology is the next wave in physics, business, etc.

Cryptography is secrecy. Secrecy is withholding information. Transparency is the antithesis of secrecy. Information is power. Power is controlled by secrecy. See? Power is stored energy. A battery is power. What is power? How is power distributed? Ah… power distribution is a great analogy. DAC ACD converters. Direct Currency Verses Alternating Currency. Oh, here is some good analogy fodder. The distance of transmission is the factor we need to know to choose DC or AC. AC is better transfer by inductance. Resistance is a killer of DC. I wonder if cash is DC and Cryptocurrency is AC? I think this analogy is ripe for development. Tesla was a proponent for AC and free distribution of power. Edison was a proponent of DC and total control of distribution of power. Cryptocurrency is destined to go the way of Tesla’s Free Energy Grid. Corporations are the enemy of free distribution. If something is not monetized, it must be destroyed. We need a new power distribution system. Free power is freedom.

What was Tesla’s plan for free energy? How can we analogize it into a new economic system? We need a rock from heaven to strike the earth to change it drastically… wormwood! What does this metaphor from Revelation tell us? What does the rock represent? Why is it called wormwood? A study of this might be lucrative. It is curious that this wormwood comes from outside of the earth. Extraterrestrial origin. The great disruptor which destroys the evil Babylonian money system. The rock that strikes the clay feet of the Nebuchadnezzar idol. A new world.

This is good analogy, and I think I need to pursue this and write about it.

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