Google is great at reinforcing people’s prejudices

An example, if a conservative, a radical, and a moderate all search for the same term, the answers will be different based on their prior searches. There is nothing wrong with the algorithm tailoring the answers to match the person. The problem is with the person not realizing there are other answers to their queries. It is the same as hanging out at meetings with like minded people, or never leaving your town. Travel truly does broaden the mind… but only if the individual accepts the broadening. I have seen people visiting other countries complaining about everything like Karl Pilkington, the Idiot Abroad.

Now that I’ve come this far, where do I go from here? Focus is always an issue with me… I want to be Buckaroo Banzai and do everything. I must be a Jack of all trades, but master of one. Capability of doing something does not necessitate doing it yourself. It is helpful when using someone else’s labor, so you know if you are being served correctly. Building trust in others is a crucial skill I have not mastered.

Once an individual is established and grounded in responsibility, then outreach should occur. Of course, continual grounding of I should not be omitted. It is what meditation is for. Yoga is best applied alongside meditation. I see these as useful for Instinct and Intellect. I don’t see either of these skills as a group effort. Yes, an individual may attend a few classes to ramp up on the basics, but I think both yoga and meditation should be done alone. Prayer also. Prayer and supplication. What is the difference? Is there a connection with Intuition and Intention?

Time and money. Two resources I am short on. Two resources many teachers promise in abundance if you spend both on them. I believe they may get more of both, but they don’t deliver both. Perhaps they show you how they get more of both, but it is your responsibility to do the work. Understand that they worked hard to get to where they can con you out of your time and money. Is it even possible for such people to be STO?

The world hurdles toward oblivion and we worry about the latest tweet. Domino effect. Butterfly effect. It only takes one. Ripples in time. Four-dimensional holographic universe built fractally on tetrahedrons. Stability in triad. (In 2d graphics we use triangles.) There is magic in the number three. Ask Nikola Tesla!

The Holy Trinity is a triad. Four I’s is a tetrad. Tetrads must be viewed from 5D. (Or a collection of images in time) The Trinity is a 2D representation of the tetrahedron. Simplification is key to understanding complexity. One is the loneliest number. Get the point? Line up for two, which can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one, oh! Three is the magic number… the first odd prime.

The creatures found in Nazca with three fingers is intriguing. The Babylonian number system, well, many of the ancient number systems, are based on multiples of three. Why are there 360 degrees in a circle? Inquiring minds want to know! Perhaps these creatures were instrumental in establishing human thought.

I think I have a theme for today’s Four Views of I chapter. Father, precious Jesus, Spirit reveal in me, a humble heart of serving nature, as is found in thee. Let me not fall, from your divine call, to place others before me! Perhaps the chapter will be called, The Divine Call!


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