How well do I know myself?

How well do I know myself?

Am I on the wrong side of my own façade?

Seriously, when we go through introspection, are we looking at ourselves as we truly are, or as we present ourselves? Growing up, my mother planted a deep meme by continuously repeating a quote: “Oh the gift that God would give us, to see ourselves as others see us!” By instilling this, I became aware that my looks, actions, words, etc. were all a reflection of who I am. People judge, so be careful. Here is the problem with that… it causes us to build a façade to show the world.

We all wear masks. Looking in a mirror only shows the mask.

So, decades of putting together this brick façade, (All in all, just another brick…) have made us “Whitewashed Sepulchers” as Jesus put it, nice and pretty on the outside, but dead and rotting on the inside.

It is well said that we must begin by dealing with “The Man in the Mirror”.

But again, we must make sure we are not looking at a reflection of our façade… we need to get behind the curtain.

How can we see behind the curtain?

True introspection must get behind the façade. We need Toto to pull back the curtain. Yes, introspection must be done by the individual, but sometimes we need a little help to know where the curtain is… the rest of life distracts big league! We truly must find a way to get behind the scenes… Who is your Toto?

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain… that charlatan!

Funny, while looking at this analogy, I realized the four aspects of an individual is reflected in the Wizard of Oz by the four Yellow Brick Road Sojourners

Instinct – Cowardly Lion (Courage)

Intellect – Scarecrow (Brain)

Intuition – Tinman (Heart)

Intention – Dorothy (Home)

These four needed to work together with the man behind the curtain to find what they were missing. They needed some outside help to know he was there…

Thanks Toto!

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