I am a bit tired, but good to go

I acknowledge the tired feeling and commit to move forward every day. (Sometimes that re-commitment must happen periodically through the day.) Take time to rest when needed.

When working out at the gym, you can use weights or other types of resistance to break down the muscle. You must breakdown the muscle in order for it to be rebuilt stronger. When you breakdown the muscle, you must provide the needed environment for the rebuilding to take place. Rest is crucial to the rebuilding, along with nutrition. These physical (Instinct) truths are analogous to the other aspects of your life, namely Intellect, Intuition, and Intention. When you push yourself too hard physically, your body will make you rest. You can override that feeling, but if you do too much, your body will fail. It’s true in all aspects of you.

Is what you read Junk Food for the mind? Are you ingesting spiritual crap? Are your intentions shallow? Just like the body needs physical nutrition, your mind needs mental nutrition, your soul needs nutritious soul food, and your spirit needs spiritual nutrition. Be mindful of what you put into your Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. Exercise all aspects of yourself.

Be aware of the poisons in your environment. If you are careful with every input you control into your being, then look for outside influences. What you read, watch, listen to is under your direct control, but what you breathe in from the environment around you can be toxic. Pay attention.

Remember, you are an individual responsible for you.

What an incredible time we live. Global communication is ubiquitous. (Just the fact that I can spell words like ubiquitous is amazing.) People from 6 continents can all meet for a conference like we did last week. We only needed a penguin to complete the list. Let’s make the best of what we have available to us!

Life is goodBelieve that!

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