I am a writer and I like to write

Do I write because I am a writer, or am I a writer because I write?

I like to communicate through the written word. I just don’t know if others appreciate to communicate this way any longer. I thought reading is fundamental… but it doesn’t seem enough any longer.

It seems the only way to reach people is via video now. At least, that is the push on Social Media. The eight seconds we have to attract attention only allows one or two sentences, depending on the reading ability of the viewer. A visual hook in a video may be more effective. Who knows. (I am sure there have been studies…)

Perhaps we need to retrain people how important it is to read. Why reading is good for the mind. Good for the eyes. Good for discipline. Good for the soul. Reading is what I love to do. It is a deeper stimulation than listening to an audio. (Although, reading along with an audio may be more beneficial.)

But- learning with multiple inputs is quicker and more memorable. Audio Visual presentations along with reading bullet points may be the best way to learn. Hands on, tactile learning with aroma may the best. Stimulate all five (six?) senses simultaneously. (Does anyone remember the concept of smell-a-vision?)

Thought: if there are 7 chakras, shouldn’t there be 7 senses? (Perhaps it is 6 because the base chakra is at ground.)

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