I am optimistic about the future

I am optimistic about the future

It is a bit difficult to articulate why, with the present conditions in the world, it is just a gut feeling. I feel strange saying that, but it is true.

That said, the baby boomer demographic is showing a change in thinking about retirement. We are living longer and need to have an income source for many more years. Not many are ready for that.

I can honestly say I don’t think about retirement. It’s not that I don’t look forward to traveling the world and discovering new people and places, but that is not something that should wait until the end of a lifetime, when you are too old to appreciate. I take any opportunity to do that whenever I can.

The problem I see with retirement, at least in the USA, is the sudden stop in identity. So many people identify with their jobs and then that ends. It doesn’t take very long for the realization that they are their jobs. When the job ends, they do to. I suspect the statistics will show a lion’s share of them pass within 5 years of retirement. Exceptions to this are people who define themselves outside of a job, or volunteer into a new identity.

I am who I am and will remain so beyond passing from this life. I really cannot imagine becoming inactive and fully intend to remain active until my last breath. I believe there will be a majority of people much younger than 50 who will lose their identity along with their job. Something must be done to help transition into another identity. Let the robots do the labor, let’s find a better identity for people.

Perhaps I have just watched too many Utopian movies, but I believe that Utopia is possible with a synergistic populace. That is the optimistic future I am working my intention toward.

Join me!

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