I was thinking about being verses doing

I was thinking about being verses doing

Often, I am asked about myself. The question is sometimes asked to see if I focus on what I do or if I focus on who I am. A valid distinction which points to personal values.

Some people point out that we are human beings, not human doings. Well, as I always point out; it is not what a person says that matters, you must observe what they do. Then you KNOW who they are.

This line of thinking reminds me of the old TV show, Romper Room. The host, Miss Maryann or whoever, would encourage the young audience of “Do Bees” to do their chores.

This blast from the past reminds us, we must encompass both aspects. Be doers and do being. Turn your words into action. Be who you say you are!


Easy to do with a low center of gravity. Hunched down and dug in, balance is not hard. This balance is firm, yet immobile. But, a high center of gravity creates a bit more of a challenge. Bicycle riding is a great example of balance with a high center of gravity.

The first thing a bicyclist learns is it is easier to keep balance when you are moving. Perhaps this is an analogy of how to deal with things when life is a bit out of balancetake action, keep moving!

As Dory told us, JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

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