How do we become independent yet remain integrated in society? Imagine everyone being an insider.

What is a plore? (No, really, it is a word). It is an exhibit in a science museum which the visitor is encouraged to handle or otherwise explore; a hands-on exhibit. (A thought, what about insider being defined as an individual who seeks to implore inside oneself?) Define implore vs explore. Deplore new definitions. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Longevity is a niche I am interested in. Check with me on my 150th birthday. I wonder if I am slacking on all that? What are the things a person can do for free to extend their life? That would make a great free report, eh? 10 things to do for free to extend your life. Worry is NOT one of them. The bible tells us so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of age, how long is the age of the Bible? 4004 bc until now? 6020 years (Because there is no year zero) Years are longer nowโ€ฆ when did that start? Circa 500 bc? (Around the time Mars made a final flyby the Earth and pulled both planets into their current orbits. No, really, thatโ€™s a thing.)

Why does any of this matter? History is in the past, man! The only time I really know is since 1959. And even THAT is suspect! Who has time for all of this? Time keeps on slipping, into the future.

Oh, to be able to slip back and forth along the timeline. It’s bigger on the inside!

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