Inward searching for the Source

Anima and animus joined in completeness. Team masculine-feminine in yin-yang completeness. Each of us has this team inside. One or the other will manifest as leader. Usually the physical is reciprocal buy not always. Some have the same aspect displayed physically and spiritually. Society is currently opposed to this manifestation. Perhaps this is why some seek to have the physical changed to the opposite of the spiritual. (Sex change)

I was born this way. I wonder if it could be acceptable to have same natured yin-yin or yang-yang people in addition to yin-yang?

We have XX chromosome people, and XY chromosome people. Is it possible to have YY chromosome people? (This was explored in the Alien franchise. A prison of YY chromosome men was the stage.) Is sexual preference in DNA?

It is very curious how society bends the individual toward compliance. Is this a good thing? Is metamorphosis required for every member of society?

What is the change in a caterpillar which produces a butterfly? That in-between stage of change must not be interrupted. The butterfly breaking free of the cocoon must not be assisted. The struggle out of the chrysalis forces the wings to unfurl. If they don’t, flight is impossible.

Bullfrogs and Butterflies have both been born again…

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