Let’s start a new philosophy

Individualism is on the rise in the world. The individual is the basic unit which makes up society. Cooperation between individuals makes synergy, but control of individuals does not. Power is control and vice versa. Cooperation is good, control, not so much.

Perhaps this is a good time to tell my story of 88. When I was quite young, working at Dorlee Gear, I was lubricating machines with a grease gun. I dropped the gun and it squirted out when it hit the floor. The expelled grease had made a perfect number 88 on the floor. This number made me stop and reflect before I cleaned it up. I was mesmerized by it. It was the early 70s and I wondered if it was an omen about the year 1988, which at the time seemed so far away. I thought it could also mean that I would live until I was 88 years old.

Along came 1985 and I was shocked when the speed of Doc’s DeLorean in Back to the Future had to reach the speed of 88 miles per hour to go through time. I toyed with this being the disclosure, of time travel being a real thing. (I’d like to note that this was after my time in the Air Force, so perhaps I subconsciously know something.) Well, I have made it through 1985, 1988, and several other “possibilities”. So, since I still have 29 or so years until I am 88, I expect some more opportunities to arise. As many know, I do plan on living past 88…

But a new possibility has revealed itself. The latest PCH giveaway is number 8800. I will manifest that into being the key to unlock my future.

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