Lifetime struggle of being me

Lifetime struggle of being me

I took time to read through a journal I had started last year. I made some notes as I read through it. Although my entries in the journal were disjointed snippets, it provides a flow of meaning to me.

I see the struggle I had with my termination from Applied Medical. This affected me much more than I have been willing to admit.

I also see the foundations of what I am doing with Rousseau Arts peppered throughout the sparse journal. This retrospective read of daily quips was therapeutic and encouraging. It is not in depth writing at all… but rather a short-hand of what my journey consisted of then, and a great view of the continuing path I am on.

I am excited about understanding my “Long, Dark, Teatime of the Soul” as Dirk Gently would put it. (Not quite as bad as the Long Night of the Soul)

My breakthrough was complete.

A personal understanding of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It was quite a revolutionary revelation for me, and the full revelation provided full spectrum reaction to it. I have posted previously about this…

The Story of the Loving Father

An Ipiphany

Still going on about Prodigal’s Brother

There were some who resonated completely with my struggle.

There are some who just don’t “get” what I am going on about.

There were some who see my struggle as juvenile and silly. I think some just don’t want the challenge because it would mean questioning their own personal belief.

The Prodigal Gang… a stand-alone “free report” I am currently working on about questioning everything.

The excitement grows.

I am excited about the Bible again. Heresyman is open to experiencing more breakthroughs reading it again.

Psychic connection is strong when two have experienced things together. The more intense the experience, the stronger the psychical connection. Intriguing that this happens with all life… mankind and animal. This connection is somewhere in the Intuition/Intention realm.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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