Mustard Seed – get that nest egg growing

One night I had a text conversation with a long-time friend. He asked me if I would retire soon. (Seemed out of left field, but I guess I am at that age now.) I told him not for a long time, because I am starting over. He told me I was doing it wrong! I said it is just what is.

His plan is to retire in three more years. Awesome!

I then told him I plan on seeing my 150th birthday, so I will need a big fund to retire. He said he couldn’t see being around that long, but he prays I see those years with the ability to enjoy them. I replied that it is my plan, and there is no reason to live that long if you don’t enjoy it.

Is that really a far-fetched pipe-dream? I don’t think so… people are already living much longer these days. Most of my generation will see 90 years and I suspect a good percentage will see triple digits. Any bible believer should see this probability and have no problem with it. There is a precedent, up until the days of Noah, the average lifespan was over 800 years. (As in the days of Noah, eh?) Isaiah alludes to a time when a person dying at the age of 100 will seem tragically young. (Isaiah 65:20 “And there will no longer be in it a young boy who lives only a few days, or an old person who does not live out his days; for one who dies at a hundred years will be thought a mere youth, and one who falls short of a hundred years will be considered accursed.) We are closing in on the time of the new universe.

The entire economic system will likely change dramatically during the next 90 years anyway, so we must remain flexible. (I’m still thinking about my 150th birthday party.) Perhaps we can take an active role in defining the new economics. (I always wanted to write a book; The Economics of Star Trek)

What is wealth? Money is a component, but it alone is not wealth. The game of life is not won by having the most toys. True wealth is largely intangible.

Is it possible for everyone to be wealthy? We live in an abundant universe. We don’t lack resources… seriously, it is not a resource problem… it is a distribution problem.

We hoard. We Trash. We waste. If we work together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish! It’s biblical! (Genesis 11:6 The Lord said, “Look! They are one people with the same language for all of them, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. Nothing that they have a mind to do will be impossible for them!)

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