October and Friday the 13th, the end and the beginning

In 1307, on Friday the 13th of October began the routing of the Knights Templar ending seven years later with the burning alive of Jacques de Molay.

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It was the end of Knights Templar, but not really. They just went underground. The end of an era, but the beginning of pirate ships flying the Jolly Roger.

Seriously! Check out this tidbit:


So, what am I going on about? Why do I care?

Well, first let’s talk about Knights Templar. When I was a boy scout, it was all about God and Country, in that order. I looked up to and tried to emulate the chivalry of those Temple Knights. When I read about putting on “the whole armor of God”, these were the guys I pictured. When I read stories about a King or Pope persecuting someone because of their beliefs, the hair on the back of my neck raises.

As a self-proclaimed Heresyman, I take burning at the stake personally. (Keep in mind I am named after the first martyr of the church, Stephen. In the words of Bob Dylan, Everybody must get stoned!) As a follower of Christ, I had no qualm about dying for my belief.

The only difference now is how belief is defined. I am more willing to admit that I am not sure. But that admission drives me to find out! Truth seeking is a lifestyle, and just because something goes against a deep-seated belief, it doesn’t mean it is fake news. Perspective is everything, and differing views are not only acceptable, they are required for obtaining the whole picture.

Jack Sparrow as a role model, is that good or bad?

If the origin of Pirates is really rooted in the demise of the Knights Templar, then I am truly interested in finding out more about Pirates. Honor among thieves seems oxymoronic, until you read stories like Robin Hood, et al. (Let’s not forget the Dread Pirate of Princess Bride fame.)

When the system meant to protect you turns against you because of corruption, the honorable become outlaws. My favorite series and subsequent movie along this line are Firefly and Serenity respectively. Malcolm Reynolds is my hero.

Pirates are free. Freedom is good. If I had been in the Navy, I would have been apt to use some sort of pirate moniker instead of Heresyman.

Pirates and Freemasons, there is a connection there too. Likely rooted in the same tragedy. Which reminds me, I am looking forward to the start of the next season of The Curse of Oak Island, what a fascinating story THAT is. It is on The History Channel starting November 7th. Can’t wait!

Happy Friday the 13th and go ahead and talk like a pirate!

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