Searching for truth

Searching for truth

I realize now the truth is so much bigger than one person. It is truly a group effort that is required. Consensus is reality. Reality is consensus. There is something profound in that. Truth may be bent for huge cash profits by prophets. Reality, what a concept! (I should dig up my notes from my Toastmasters speech on the subject.)

The truth is out there, and we need a consensus.

During the cold war, there was truth on each side of the iron curtain. A very different truth on each side. True truth was contained in each side, but not whole truth. Both sides crumbled from within. Each side had problems… and those were incepted by the secrecy. Transparency and truth go hand in hand. Occulting the truth is inception of problems. Power and control are problem makers. Personal power brings balance. Spreading the strength is better than single point of failure. Nano tech is coming… carbon based units.

The inception of an idea.

We must get away from stepping on others to climb to the top. The problem with pyramid power is the top always goes missing. I’d like to note that the power in the pyramid is in the middle of it, not at the top. There is something profound in that statement. Removing the top only moves the focal point of power. The flat top pyramids of Mesoamerica were very powerful too. Did you ever think about that? Why is there mercury under the pyramids in Mesoamerica? Transmogrified into gold may be a byproduct of the power generation. Red Mercury has properties which make the accidental transmogrification less likely.

I guess I read too much. 😉

The current situation in the government, as well as the response from family and friends is very distracting. A strange time we live in. I suppose we are truly living in the cursed “interesting times”. Conspiracy theory is dominant during the times from WWI until present. Actually, now that I think of it, from the time Jesus walked the earth… perhaps longer. How long have we been in the grip of the evil ones? 5k years? 10K years? When did humans give up power? It is time we took it back…

What about the four I’s? Instinct is body. Intellect is mind. Intuition is soul. Intension is spirit. All are intertwined. All are integrated. Fractally whole, it is all holographic. Photonic reality. Time is a construct to reveal the holographic reality in the fourth dimension. There is a difference between dimension and density. Dimension is static/intermittent local perspective, density is continuous motion. Dimension is the recording of reality, the Akashic Record.

Tighten the nut until you hear a crack, then back it off a bit. A very dangerous way to build.

Much of what I post is simply pulled out of my daily Stream of Conscious (SOC) writing. I believe that writing 1k words every morning is good for me and is hopefully beneficial for others. This writing is done in the same way Julia Cameron teaches artist to write their morning pages. The difference is, I keep my writings. The random thoughts and such are like a clue into my growth. (I hope it is growth… I suppose it could give clues to my long decline, if that is the case.)

Whatever, I sure am happy being me.

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