Secrets and Ancient Astronauts

Secrets and Ancient Astronauts

History is written by the victors, so much of it is discarded. Our understanding of the past is skewed to say the least. The famous quote, “If we fail to understand the past, we are destined to repeat it”, is a fallacy. There is no way to understand an incomplete history. Not only that, but there is evidence the history we have is false.

Historians and Archeologists have the duty to correct this, but often they are so entrenched in belief, they are skewed before they start. Humans have a tendency to bias information to their belief, exasperating the problem.

Perhaps the first thing we need to do is fix our belief.

Just what is belief, and why does it have such an impact on Life, The Universe, and Everything?

What happens at our core with belief and how does it control us?

What if everything we know is wrong?

Question Everything!

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