Sydney Omarr

Back in the early part of the 21st century, when a newspaper was delivered to my door, I preferred the Los Angeles Times. I preferred this paper because I thought the selection of comics was best.

Along with my daily reading of the comics, I also enjoyed reading the Horoscopes by Sydney Omarr. His were the only ones I read. I had a different way of looking at the horoscopes back then, and I would read ALL of them, then pick and choose the bits from each one that I felt applied to me. I would collage the sentences to make my personal horoscope for the day. I was sad when he passed away because I just never liked to read any other horoscope writer. Perhaps I can go to a used book store and pick up a book of his and pretend it is fresh readings.

I am not sure why that popped into my mind… so I thought I would share it.

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