Teetering dream on the abyss of memory

Teetering dream on the abyss of memory

Funny, had a dream last night I knew I would remember, but I don’t. I can almost picture it, but I have done too many little things before sitting down to write. Perhaps it will come back to me.

I often wonder about dreams and the possibility of them originating from outside of myself. There are many who believe that other entities, E.T.s, Angels, etc. are using dreams to communicate with humans. That is biblical, right? Several of the prophets and others like Nebuchadnezzar and Pilate’s wife are good examples. I wonder if there is a way to tell the origin of a dream’s Inception. (Good movie!)

The best way to ‘clear your mind’ is to get a good night sleep. While you are asleep, there is a lot of work going on in the brain. Short term memories are cut and moved into long term memory. A lot of filing seems to get done while sleeping. Actual physical changes in the brain occur. It makes me think, does the same thing go on while meditating? Is it possible to get more conscious control over how and what gets trimmed?

I almost had the memory of my dream pop up for a second, but when I tried to concentrate on it, it was pushed back. I am curious about it, as it seemed important.

Oh well, I guess I will have to trust my subconscious to use it appropriately.

I really need to get out and walk, that is my best meditation time. I get some great thinking done while walking.

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