The bible seems to separate prayer and meditation

What is the difference? Meditation is focusing the mind in a defragmentation way. Emptying of stray thoughts, sorting and storing. Cleaning the garage, so to speak. Prayer is communication with The Source. That is the intent, I think. But, there are many ‘sources’ available. How do you know when you have reached The Source?

Focus and coherence are keys to reach financial freedom. Lasers and Fiber optics of the mind, so to speak. It is all the power of light! God separated the light and the dark and said it was good. What is the speed of dark? Zero. (Is dark zero point energy?) Light is photon. Photon is tetrahedral. Photon is individual light. Potential in infinite direction. Light is direct from The Source. Everything that is is one photon in motion. The holographic universe is enlightened by the single photon reflecting on self. Each on us are a galaxy. Allegorically, each galaxy in the universe is the manifestation of an individual. Woah… that’s deep.

Think of each atom in you as a solar system. Planets revolving around a power source. Each sun in our galaxy is a microcosm of life. As above, so below. Infinity in infinite directions.

Time seems to be unidirectional. We can see in the past, but we can’t go there. We can’t see in the future, but we are going there. Is time a constant? Physicists believe the speed of light is a constant. So, if time speeds up, the speed of light appears to slow, right? If time slows down, the speed of light appears faster. Light can be bent by gravity. (Is it truly bent, or does it appear to bend?) Is gravity and time the same? Anti-gravity is like time reversal. If gravity and time are interrelated, perhaps time travel IS possible. I suspect it takes more energy to go back in time than forward.

But, who has time for all that? Magnetism is a fun force, perhaps a teaching force. Opposites attract in magnetism and likes repel. I brought this up in a class about The Secret. (In The Secret the belief is likes attract.) Why is this force inversed? Why do birds of a feather flock together? Ah, social forces are opposite of electro-magnetic forces. So, any electronic analogy used for social instruction must be opposite of electro-magnetic forces. How curious. Is this inverse involved in record storage in the Akashic Record? Balance in the universe must occur. After all, it is all one photon drawing the picture of everything.

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