The mind has a gatekeeper

Your mind is much bigger than your brain. Your whole body is an interface of the real you. The real you is much bigger than the “meat-puppet” you call you. Conscious thought is simply the bit of the iceberg above the waterline.

Your brain is the central control hardware, the bridge of the conscious mind. The amygdala is the flow-control valve of information into your conscious mind. (You would benefit in learning about this small portion of your brain. Understand its connection with fear… then, perhaps, you will understand how others can control you.)

You have senses… seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling, all inputs into your mind. (We’ll talk about the sixth sense some other time… most don’t utilize this as we should, nor even know they have it.)

These inputs into your physical body pass through the amygdala, your personal department of homebody security. Some of us have this set up more strict than international airports. Nothing harmful will be allowed in, but who decides what is harmful?

Now, some of us have a massive bureaucracy set up including departments we are not even aware of. Security is so tight, nothing new gets through. Sounds safe and secure… but these departments are actually an infectiona virus of the mind… or memes.

You, as an individual, are responsible for you. Take that responsibility seriously and learn about memes. Ignorance is not a valid excuse.

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