Time travel is real, apparently

This is a curious rabbit hole to venture down. Are time paradoxes possible? Do we jump between realities each time a paradox occurs? Is it possible to jump between realities when there is no paradox? Can history be altered in any way?

Perhaps it all boils down to the perception of the individual. It may be true that each of us are the center of the universe. There are over 7.5 billion realities living on this planet alone. It is the shift in center which makes that particular universe uniquely different. Add in all the realities from other planets, perhaps infinity is needed.

Each doppelganger is a separate individual, so any other iterations of you are not you. They are simply easier to connect with. Interaction of realities is what makes the multiverse run.

Many years ago, I had made a note in a journal about multiple centers. (I can’t claim I am a journalist though, I made entries too sporadically.) S.Gimme Iwannit is the name of a character I was thinking about. I was musing on this idea of multiple centers to the Universe. At the time, I thought it was ludicrous and I was making fun of how people thought they were the center of the universe. I was wondering how multiple centers would throw everything off balance.

Now I am beginning to see this may not be a fallacy after all.

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