Tomorrow I get to see Hamilton

Tomorrow I get to see Hamilton

I have listened to the soundtrack of Hamilton several times now. I relate to Alexander and have been thinking about the contrast between him and other founding fathers. Aaron Burr is a prime example of what Alex was not. Aaron was a true politician – “talk less, smile more, never let them know what you stand against or for”. Just like the country, Alex was young, scrappy, and hungry (I will NOT throw away my shot!) Creole Bastard!

Nothing new under the sun. We struggle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities…

Anyway, those who know me know I read up on a lot of conspiracy theories. While listening to the sound track, I thought about how Aaron Burr can be seen as representing The Cabal and their infiltration of U.S. Government right from the start. Alexander Hamilton was a burr in the saddle of the plan. (Yet Aaron was named Burr, and yes, they were friends.) Were there certain framers of our government truly trying to do the right thing? Or was it all part of a global plan to disrupt and control world government? Lafayette is an outlier? Curious movements of Knights Templar through the Masons. Oh yeah, lots to string together here…

What really happened in the history of the United States? (I am reminded of the movie, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.) Two invisible forces using mankind to reach their ends. Archons vs Angels. Now to take that kernel of an idea and fit it into the framework of The Law of One. Twenty-Two different genetic experiments on this planet running concurrently, and sometimes at odds with one another. The Melting Pot of America was an attempt at combining all of them.

Yeah, there is a book in here… I feel it!

I’ll post my review of Hamilton on Monday.

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