What a strange, disjointed dream

I was on an airliner

looking for my seat. The airliner was set up like a movie theater. As I found the only available seat, on the aisle, I started to head toward it. As I walked down the aisle, people were saying hello to me. They pointed out my shirt, a long sleeve collared blue shirt with a logo on it. They thought I was part of the crew. The flight assistant greeted me like she knew me, then said, “We are glad you made it!” She pointed to the cockpit expecting me to head up there. The co-pilot was already running through the checklist and greeted me. I laughed and explained that I may look like him, I am not the captain.

Then I was in a large house.

There was a lot of activity as if someone were moving. My former boss walked by me and asked me to follow. We went into a room where a complete movie editing computer system was set up, complete with giant monitors, editing deck, etc. It even had small LED screens on the graphic cards so you could tell what was playing through each. This system looked to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. He pointed at it and said, “That’s yours.” When I asked him why, he said that he had gone through the affidavit and realized it was 100% true. He said it was a mistake, what happened. I reminded him that it had ruined my career and he made it impossible to get another job.

I woke with a start, and as I woke, I was wide awake. I could not help but feel the pain in my soul from this.

Today I begin my Lurn Masters Workshop… related?!?

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