Sat in Terminal 4 at LAX. I patiently waited for my flight scheduled to leave at 8:25a. Arrived 2 hours before at American Airlines suggestion. I did my part.

The aircraft had an electrical problem, they said. Hopefully only a half hour delay, they said… oh wait, they have to do an oil change… then run up the engine to make sure it’s all good. Oops, there is a generator problem and the plane is grounded. They will get another plane out of the hanger… hang tight. Maybe two hours… oh wait… the hanger is not here… they have to fly the new airplane in. Sorry, this flight will board at 5:30p with a takeoff time of 6:00p. A slight, 8 or 9 hour delay… sorry… here’s some free food. :/

Let’s see… already issued my complaint to American Airlines. So, there you go. (They gave me a $200 voucher for a future flight.)

Finally left at 7:00p. Nice flight, lots of leg room for me… got some sleep… arrived too late for a shuttle, so had to cab to the hotel. Shared it with a returning fisherman who lives in Lahaina. Nice ride.

I got to miss my first evening of the Writers workshop.

It’s a new day! Onward!

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