Your magical mind!

The mind… if you ask someone where their mind is, they will generally point in the direction of their brain. Why do you suppose this is? The pineal gland is in the center of the mass we call the brain. Intriguingly, this gland actually has a lens in it… it is the third eye! Ponder that for a bit… it also is full of crystals floating in a liquid. It is a liquid crystal display (an LCD)! It is the visual playback device. It is located at the 6th chakra, just below the crown chakra.

Now wait a minute… what the hell does all this mumbo-jumbo mean?

Well, first of all, the mind is much bigger than the pineal gland. In fact, it is much bigger than the brain. All of the wetware of the brain is simply an interface to the mind. We are indeed, multidimensional beings. The body is an avatar in this density. The mind stretches across time and space.

The mind interacts with other minds, and is a microcosm of the one mind.

Everything is connected. Everyone is connected. Everyone is One. The One is infinitely multifaceted. Each one is a facet of The One.

I’m not sure what I am talking about… the above is stream of conscious based on all I’ve read and heard.

Perhaps I am assembling the data incorrectly, or…




(Note: I am out of town right now… be back August 8. Meanwhile, have you read this? )

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