Cryptocurrency is a topic I continue to pursue

It really is a game changing proposition. What is it about money and/or currency which drives commerce? It provides a means to obtain and hold unnecessary things. Corruption and misdeeds are not only possible, but probable. Mammon is a word used in the Bible to refer to this love of money. I wonder if Mammon is all about money, or all about power? Is power always abused? A person in authority may hold that position without asserting power, it would seem. A person with power may assert authority falsely. If so, then why do we say some abuse power while others do not? Again, it is not power itself which is the sin, but rather how power is used. A person can hold a position of authority without power, and hold a powerful position without the authority. So, the question is, where does authority and/or power come from? Who grants it?

If a god or The All Powerful grants power and/or authority to someone, how do others know? If the All Powerful makes a public proclamation so that all see, then it makes sense. But, granting the power/authority and leaving it to the grantee to tell others seems counterproductive. A person who TAKES the power/authority is likely to have been given it as well as to simply be taking it.

So, how did Donald Trump really take the position of power he has? Was he granted that position by God? Many think so… Paul taught us that no person is in position of power without being granted that position. It may be a punishment. If the people will humble themselves and pray, he will heal the land. Has that happened? Are there signs of humility and prayer among the people? Or the opposite? I am reminded of the movie, Last Temptation of Christ. In it, even during the parallel possibility of Jesus living out his life with Mary Magdalene and having a family with her, Paul was still preaching and building the church. It is almost as if Paul is the founder of Christianity. I am suspect of that. In fact, the idea that Paul is a pseudonym for Josephus makes sense. Just as William Shakespeare is a pseudonym for Francis Bacon.

Perhaps Francis knew of Paul’s (Saul of Tarshish) true identity. Tarshish is believed to be the name of the British Isles back in the days of Roman power. The land of tin. Hmmmm, what is tin used for? A metal for the masses, like tin cans? Faux steel? Plastic of the day? Were tin cans the first Tupperware? Silver was often counterfeited using tin. Appearance rather than substance. Close examination easily reveals the truth. The British empire was (is) the manifestation of Rome. The USA is the latest iteration of Britain, or Rome. The melting pot empire continues in clay mixed with iron. The feet of the idol which is about to be crushed by a rock from space…

It is amazing how deeply seated the memes of modern Christianity are in my psyche. Whatever happens is pushed through the filters in place. I have altered those filters by exploring other cultures and beliefs, but the lion’s share of memes are from my formative years in churches.

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