Isn’t it interesting that all faiths are revelation

…from outside of earth. (Is this true of eastern religions?) What if we placed all revelation based faith aside and went with empirical evidence alone? One reason I can think that would fail is deception. Using statistics falsely, or simply presenting “tailored facts” instead of all the data. For empirical evidence to be valid, all data must be used.

Agreement seems to be the driving force of manifestation. A single person may have significant manifestation powers, but that may be overridden by a majority vote of like-minded. Mustard seed faith… how does THAT work? The Mustard Seed is very small, yet it produces the largest of shrubs. Kill the seed, kill the shrub. How many seeds does one mustard plant produce in a lifetime? It only takes one to keep the species going…

Mustard Seed Faith is also the name of a favorite band of mine. Oden Fong was the lead singer. He is a pastor of a church somewhere now, as far as I know. I cannot remember the other famous musician from the group… McVey! That’s it… Lewis McVey! (I am pretty sure). I wonder if I can dig up the sail on sailor CD. I remember listening to this album while dating Loralyn in High School. (*SIGH*) Oh yeah, the album cover was by my favorite artist at the time…

I remember during Junior High and High School going into Licorice Pizza just to flip through the album covers. The artwork on them was inspiring and thought provoking. R.Crumb was very popular then, and underground comics were all the rage. I remember The Freak Brothers… among others. What an impressionable time. I could spend hours in the record shop… the same way I learned to spend hours in a book store later in life. (It wasn’t until years after High School that I went into bookstores… curious.) I think the stepping stone of Bible Bookstores was a fluke… I only went into the local Bible Bookstore because I thought that is what a Christian was expected to do. The bookstore gave away stickers for KYMS, so I tuned in because I thought I was expected to. Funny how much of my faith and actions were based on assumption.

Assume… making an ass out of U and me.

Not to be confused with the assumption of Mary, Moses, etc.


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