Economic ramble

I have tried to understand the economics of star trek. There is a blend of all governments which seems to work. Perhaps a pipe dream, but perhaps a reality in the making. Think and grow rich. What is a reasonable profit margin? If someone is making 90% profit, is that Okay? Is 10% profit too low? An NDP of 1/2% is better than a loss, right? What about GDP? When is operating at a loss okay? Do macro-economics have different goals than micro-economics? Game-theory… how does that fit in?

These are topics which should be discussed in a knowledgeable group. Synergy is needed to contemplate and design a new economic system.

A block chain has been simplified as an equation being worked out. What happens when the blockchain equation is complete? There are a finite number of tradeable units, apparently. As there is a finite quantity of gold in the world. (What happens when transmogrification occurs? The value per unit falls, right?) So, the question is, how many blockchains are running? Would an EMF pulse destroy the wealth built in crypto currency? How do we compare an hour of manual/physical labor with an hour of mental/creative labor? Perceived value verses absolute value. It is a deep subject. Oh, and automation is a growing factor which quickly replaces manual/physical labor as an option for wage earning.

There is something here. I should brush up on economics. Lord knows I need to get some economy working for me. Covenant=cooperation. Commitment. Boy, there are a lot of factors in the economy. Employee-employer relations is a top down hierarchy. This model is changing… people need to become independent of employers and cooperate as free-agents.

This little mind game has granted me understanding of what an agency is. A targeted outcome performed successfully. Let that sink in.

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