Everything is connected

Everything is connected

Brick and mortar stores are failing, yet will be around for a long time. Internet marketing is in its infancy and will grow in directions unimagined. The decay of B&M will belie the true strength and the shininess of Virtual stores will disguise the rickety and shoddy. It is a time to deal with everything at arms-length wariness.

You’ve got to take care of yourself. Nobody can do it for you. If someone is, they may not be doing it for you. Don’t be a slave to another… cooperation is wonderful, but be aware. Cooperation is mutually beneficial. Work on tempering yourself to be the strongest link in a strong chain.

Times are a changin’.

Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone IS special. What is slavery? Reducing the specialty down to automata. Stealing special essence for personal gain. This is wrong and degrading. Building automata to perform repetitive tasks is different… unless the automata is given A.I. and become self-aware. This is the premise of I Robot, the movie. In Star Wars the Droids are treated as second class citizens. In Ice Pirates all wars are fought with robots. The army who can repair and replace fast enough wins. This is the basis of books like Slave Species of god by Michael Tallanger.

Man is always reaching out to the unknown. Defining as we go. Creating the Universe. (God is the creator of the Omniverse.) If two or more are gathered together in my name… cocreation is a group effort. Control of creation is the goal of the Elite. It is a power thing. They cannot take the power, it must be freely given. Hold on to your power, regain your power, synergize your power. Mankind is unique in this? Perhaps… but it is more likely mankind is a fractal bit of the whole. All species have the power, and some have usurped this power from others. All is one and One is all.

Yin my Yang baby!

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