It’s an inside job

Let’s talk about The One. The Source. The Ancient of Days. The string which holds everything together is tubular. Vibrations in time. A wave function. If God could move away from himself fast enough and return fast enough, he could observe himself. Perhaps that is what the oscillation is all about. God’s self-discovery. He is waving to himself. 😉

Yes, I can be silly. But ne’er a truer word than those spoken in jest! God is a God of ACTION. Continuous improvement. Making the best better. Philosophy of Stever. I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together. Koo-koo-kachoo! Speaking of eggs, I would like some Welsh Rarebit today.

Ingesting chemicals changes the body and mind. Midichlorians in the Star Wars universe are the source of the force. Blood Music also mentioned this type of community underlying our reality. Having a multicultural infestation in the gut provides diversity. Oh, here we go… people who develop resistance to certain foods are simply harboring prejudiced cultures in their gut. The more they remove from their diet to appease these bigots, the more they are empowered. Here is a theory of GOML syndrome. (Get Off My Lawn) The cure is integration. Flood the gut with foreigners. Acidophilous, Yukult, Yogurt, Kimchee, Pickled things. Get those microbes working together as a community. An alien invasion at microscopic levels. Remember why we won the War of the Worlds… it was our microscopic allies. Bring the War of the Worlds inside.

A gut feeling tells me I am right. Exercise alters our microbiome. Microbicide cleanses the system, and infusion of new culture rebuilds the immunity to invaders. It is a diverse culture that builds a sustainable society. This is a fractal event. USA is having tummy troubles and it is going about the cure all wrong. GOML is what we have, and we need to fix the root of the problem. Let the old cells pass away, and let the stem cells replace them. I wonder what the societal equivalent to Telomeres? Something we can increase to protect our civic effectivity. What is the societal equivalent to Apple Cider Vinegar?

We need The Purge. 😀

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