I heard on the radio

Call me now!

…the woman who portrayed Miss Cleo for the Psychic Network was paid $1700 dollars for her performance. The Psychic Network made $24 million A MONTH for the two years of that promotion. Seems fair. (Sarcasm alert)

I sense a theme going here… people making money off of the desperate. The lonely. The hurting. I know there are people who are truly trying to help. I wonder what the percentage of each group is? Hopefully the fleecing group is not the majority. Well, I would guess if you determined the percentage by how much money was made, the fleecing group wins, hands down.

It all boils down to Service to Self (STS) verses Service to Others (STO). It is a differential thing again. Power is all in the difference. STO is the reservoir and STS is the drop. Differential is not dependent on the number of people in each group, but the difference in potential. What is the measure of that potential? Love? Fear? Hate?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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