I am who I am-Dreamer-Man of inaction

An object at rest cannot be stopped!

Let’s strip away from the conscious and let the subconscious break through.

Dealing with the memes I have is difficult because they are so deep seated. I think memes are another word for what L Ron Hubbard called engrams. Once again, I wonder if Scientology has a root of truth which has been corrupted. I really do think that LRH may have been contacted by RA and is the last one before David Wilcock. It sure does seem that the Law of One is corrupted each time it is professed because humans tend to deify everything, and make religions. Religion is lazy humanity. We just want to be told what to do. Perhaps it is the original intent of the programming as a slave species. We must overcome. We WILL overcome. We have overcome!

Sometimes I SOC write something which sounds profound to me. I think the prior paragraph is one of those times. I am sure it just sounds crazy to everyone else.

I enjoy reading Michael S. Heiser books. I am convinced, however, that his bias is a bit too prevalent. He obviously has a premise he begins with. The proof of his faith is goal. I don’t think he is aware of it though, because he tends to take on subjects which is anathema to mainstream. His treatment of the Nephilim is the main example. But, even with this controversial subject, he begins with the premise of his Christian faith. That is okay. As he teaches, we must consider the author’s frame of mind when we read.

I just realized I must do the same with myself. Consider my frame of mind. Realize I am starting with a premise based on my deepest-seated memes. My frame of mind is ever changing these days. My anchor is free floating. Slowing me down, but not wedged on the bottom. The drag of the anchor keeps the drift minimal. Oh, and the anchor can be caught up in the undercurrent. This may be beneficial or harmful. I must keep aware. A good captain knows when to weigh the anchor and when to hoist the anchor.

Master of my own destiny, captain of my own ship.

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