I see the light!

I see the light!
Print and Cutout, fold and tuck gray tabs. Tape or glue.

We live in an abundant universe. There is more than enough to go around. We are co-creators with The One and as such create ex nihilo. Zero-point energy is where we create from. Thought is the power of creation. First, we must believe.

Is it possible to have creative potential but remain ignorant of it? If so, what happens to that creative potential? Is it possible for another entity to tap into that potential and utilize it? Free will plays a role in protecting against unauthorized use… but with permission, it is a free for all. This is how the elite trample and abuse the masses. Deception as the serpent used in The Garden continues. The Serpent is reptilian, eh? This abuse of the masses is the “Evil” in the world. The Son of Man needs to crush The Serpent’s skull.

God separated the light from darkness, the something from nothing, …and it was Good.

Two forces are at work on Earth. We have labeled these forces as Good and Evil. But, is it truly as Black and White as that? Are there shades of gray? Perception of gray may be simulated in gray-scale. My laser printer only has black toner. This black toner printed on white paper creates the illusion of gray. There are more than 50 shades, that is for sure. How close do we need to magnify before we see there is only black and white?

But, of course, we do not live in a black and white world. We are In Living Color! Think back to art class; there are three primary colors: red, yellow, blue. Add these to black and white and we are closer to the spectrum of color we live in. I would think red, yellow, blue, and white are all there is. Black is the canvas this light spectrum is painted on. When I was first learning about colors I had it in my mind that black is the absence of color and white is the abundance of color. Put white light through a prism and you get a rainbow.

Isn’t it interesting that light is made up of four basic colors on the canvas of nothing? We are back to our model of the photon. Photon is light.

http://heresyman.com/four-aspects-of-individual is where I first posted this idea.

I propose the photon has these four basic colors represented, one on each side of the tetrahedron that is the whole. Photon is the cornerstone of all matter. We are light, so we have four basic natures which make up our whole.





The building block that was rejected became the cornerstone of everything.

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