Four Aspects of Individual

Four Aspects of Individual
Print and Cutout, fold and tuck gray tabs. Tape or glue.

Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Intention make you Individual.

Every human is made of these four aspects. Body, mind, soul, and spirit. Move past the triune view of yourself and understand the tetra. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Morningstar?) It is the fourth aspect which allows the full motion picture.

2D view of 3D is flat and incomplete. Put yourself in motion to have a 3D view of 4D.

Make yourself a model of a tetrahedron. It’s not hard, you just need four equilateral triangles connected along their edges.

Here is a picture you can print, cut out, fold, and glue. (The gray tabs are folded and tucked inside… use these to glue the tetrahedron into shape.

Print and Cutout, fold and tuck gray tabs. Tape or glue.

Once you have the model tetrahedron, hold it and look at it. You only have two eyes. Even with stereoscopic vision, you cannot see the whole tetrahedron at once. There is always at least one side missing. (Perhaps a person with an activated third eye could see the whole.)


Rotate the tetrahedron. It is only with motion in time you will gain knowledge of the whole.

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